How do we get our documents to you for Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Through cloud server which is connected to your accountant, Just click the photos of your bills or scan them and upload on our cloud server from your PC or Mobile App.

How will you send us Accounting reports and reports as per our requirements?

By the 10th day of every month, you will get monthly analytical accounting reports for the previous month on your email. (For example, By the 10th of February, reports for the January month will be sent.) If you need any report before that you can just send us an email at myaccountant@jayydax.com, we will acknowledge it on the same day with either an answer or a timeline of when we'll be able to answer. However, You will also have accounting software access for reports as per the plan selected.

From where your company provides accounting & bookkeeping services?

We are a Dubai-based leading online accounting & bookkeeping firm providing affordable and satisfactory services to small and medium-sized businesses in various countries from Dubai.

How do I pay for accounting & bookkeeping?

We accept payments through PayPal, which is a secured and fast payment gateway.

Do I have to pay for cloud server and accounting software subscriptions over and above your monthly fees?

Not at all, We offer a complete accounting services package with online accounting software and cloud server at a very low monthly rate.

Do you provide tax related services also?

No, we are a specialized accounting & bookkeeping firm and we believe in the separation between the two functions.

Can I cancel services at any time?

We're a plug-and-play virtual accounting and bookkeeping team. All the accounting & bookkeeping plans are month to month. We make it easy for you to start and stop your services at any time.